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Trip Report: The Second Year on the Road


Kilometres Cycled this time last year: 23,630
Kilometres cycled now:
Total for the year:
Location this time last year: Rizhao, China
Current Location: Emiliano Zapato, Chiapas, Mexico
Countries visited this year: 6. China, Korea, Japan, USA, Canada & Mexico
Favourite Places: Korea, Vancouver
Wouldn't go back to: The Yukon, or in fact most of the Alaska Highway which to be honest I didn't find to be a particularly enthralling ride. I'd go back to Whitehorse though, I just wouldn't get there on a bike.
Favourite ride: The Dalton Highway, by quite some distance.
Hardest ride: The Dalton Highway, by quite some distance.
Best day: Getting to Tokyo airport after nearly 15 months knowing that Stage 1 was now complete.
Worst day: Any of the 10 days of rain between Fairbanks and Whitehorse. The loneliness got to me and my mental health deteriorated pretty badly. Luckily Whitehorse cheered me up.
Longest day: 145km on the Alaska Highway.
Number of crashes: 1 - Just the one this year - flattened by a truck in Japan but I was lucky enough to walk away - the driver even stopped to give me money equivalent to a tenner.
Bike Problems: Apart from 2 cracked rims, both at times when replacements were easily available, and a pedal which broke on the way into Deadhorse I've been pretty lucky this year.
Best purchase: Netbook. I survived 18 months without technology before I gave in and got one in Canada.  I've become happier because of it and am now in control of when I can contact home, although that's not to say I call the UK more frequently!
Piece of kit I've not used: Same as last year - Katadyn Water Filter - It's not left its bag this year - The Mexican tap water just tastes too good.
Biggest headache: The fact it rained pretty much constantly from April to November.
Best beer: Any of the ones I tried at the Rogue Brewery in Oregon, also a special mention to the Alaskan IPA.
Worst alcohol: I felt ripped off by Sake in Japan - it's a slightly worse Soju equivalent at double the price.
Best looking women: Korea, Whitehorse, Vancouver. Not L.A.
Couldn’t live without: The company of the gentlemen over at the 365 Forum.
Thing I miss most from home: Saveloys and a proper pie. Guinness.
Biggest surprise: How some of the people I met in Alaska made Sarah Palin look normal.
Hope for the coming year: To finally sort out some travel insurance
Where did I predict myself to be on the 29th April 2010? Colombia. If I hadn't stopped to work for 3 months at various times this would have been pretty much bang on.
Where do I predict myself to be on the 29th April 2011? Zambia?

A video highlighting a few of the places and people I've met and been too over the last couple of years, enjoy!


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