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The Kit List

The kit!

This page was updated in September 2010 after nearly 2 and a half years on the road and is still the most detailed kit list I've done - so it can stay posted.

Not only does it say what I own - it also tells you where it is all packed on the bike (which is a Thorn Sherpa for the record) - so if anyone wants to mug me then they'll know exactly where to go to get to the things they want.

However before we get to the panniers I also travel with the following items:

- Shimano SPD boots
- Big lock
- Fuel bottle with stove pump inside
- Tent
- Roll mat

And in the bar bag I have:

- Map case
- El Salvador baseball cap
- I-pod
- Bike lock
- Keys
- Wallet
- Diary
- Spanish translator (electronic)
- Head torch
- Glasses case
- Odometer
- Compass
- Olympus tough digital camera

And here is everything else.....

Front right pannier

Front left pannier Back right pannier  Back left pannier


- Sleeping bag
- Sleeping bag silk liner
- S America Lonely Planet
- Listerine

- A couple of small sentimental things including a toy butterfly given to me by a 7 year old Japanese girl
- Spare break pads
- Coke can stove (hopefully now in retirement)
- 2 x inner tube.
- Tyre levers
- 2 x puncture repair kits
- Spare pannier hooks

- Photos album: Photos printed from trip and also some from home of family etc to show locals.
- T-shirt of flags
- Inflatable globe
- 2 x marker pens
- Needle and thread
- Montecristo Cigar I bought when I arrived in the States and shall be smoking when I get to Ushuia in celebration.



























1 pair khaki style shorts
- 1 pair jeans
- 1 pair pyjama bottoms
- 1 long sleeve base layer
- 3 pairs cycling shorts
- 1 QPR shirt
- 1 Cambodia cycling jersey
- 1 long sleeve-shirt (from Walmart )
- 1 pair Kingston Uni Mens Football shorts.
- 4 pairs underwear
- 3 pairs socks
- 1 pair of cycling sleeves to protect arms from wind in cold
- 1 t-shirt
- 1 stripey jumper
- Travel towel – synthetic I think
- Pair of crocs (comfortable)
- 1 ski face protecter – not sure it’s real name but it covers lower face and neck – good for wind
- Waterproof jacket
- 1 short sleeve shirt




























- Katadyn mini water-filter. Unused since Georgia but I keep trying to convince myself I’ll use in Africa.
- Bear mace from Alaska/Canada.
- Waterproof trousers
- Bug bucket hat (hat to protect self from mosquitoes)
- Wooly hat (for winter)
- Mosquito net
- Cable to connect camera to tv
- Nivea. Bought for saddle sore in China. Rarely used since.
- Dehydration capsules that a guy I worked for in California gave me as a gift. Have never used them but have sentimental value.
- Spare Shimano Deore Hub
- Box of matches
- A couple of plasters (given by a family I stayed with in Seattle, again, sentimental value)
- Small bit of rope.
- Special tie to wrap around trousers that stops them getting caught in the chain. I haven’t worn trousers since Canada, so this is rarely used.
- Spare batteries
- Spare brakes
- Spare odometer magnet
- Spare alan keys
- Spare ½ a multi-tool
- Boot lace from my first pair of cycling boots (again, sentimental)
- Grease
- Pot of screws
- Topeak Alien Multitool
- Alternate chain (I have 2 chains and swap them every 1,000 miles – doubles the life of the gears)
- Chain lube
- Spare tyre levers
- Spare chain tool
- Spoke key
- Pedal wrench
- Pliers
- Wrench
- Spare lockring
- Spare cleats (not sure why or how I own these)
- Old toothbrushes (always have a use for these)
  - Passport
- Warranty’s etc for laptop and camera
- A few odd bits of paper including photocopy of passport, pages pulled from bike repair books, copies of my bank details (to show you have money available when entering countries)
- Spare wallet with a few dollars and credit card in
- Orange box that has a collection of coins from around the world in.
- International vaccination record
- Cables for camera to computer, i-pod to computer and camera charger.
- Cooking pots. A big one, a smaller one inside, then a bowl, a penknife, a spoon and a fork inside there.
- Kettle and tea-towel.
- Primus omnifuel stove.
- Spare pair of glasses (broken tbf but in case of emergencies)
- Plastic mug (always lose the damn things so refuse to spend more on them)
- Washing up liquid (I think I bought this stuff in Vietnam)
- Shaving foam
- Deodorant

- First aid kit
- Jogging bottoms
- Leg warmers (only used in snow)
- Thermal gloves
- High vis jacket
- Laptop and cables. Kept in plastic bag, then wrapped round with jumper
- Jar of jam
- Circular box used to store rice.
- Other little box that has coffee in.
  - Herd and spice box - usually has chipotle, pepper, ketchup, garlic etc in.
- Wash kit with:
- Toothbrush and toothpaste
- Athletes foot cream (not sure why this is in there)
- Shaving mirror
- After shaving moisturiser
- Dental floss
- More Listerine
- Scissors
- Bar of soap
- Razors
- Caps that cover your toothbrush.
- Reading materials
- GCSE Spanish workbook (been doing this in the tent)
- Hip flask (currently with JD)
- Spare break cable
- Another spare Shimano Deore Hub (one of these has 8,000 miles on but I forget which one)
- Tub that I keep washing up sponge in
- Toilet paper
- Pump that is broken in two.
- Lockring and chain whip


















Bike and baggage

The Bike: Thorn Sherpa - Lovingly named Tullula

Panniers: Altura dry line - front and back

Bar Bag: Altura Dry Line


Tent: Vango Helium 100

Sleeping Bag: Vango 3 season sleeping bag

Sleeping Mat: Just a regular sleeping mat - I foolishly punctured my thermarest beyond repair but have found a simple mat more practical

Cooking and eating

Stove: I started on an MSR Whisperlite Stove - This has since been replaced by the superior Primus Multifuel after the pump on the MSR broke beyond repair.

Pots and Pans

Washing up liquid and scourers

3 x Water bottles

Food - mostly noodles

Katadyn Mini-water filter

Tools and spares

Alien Multi-tool

2 x Spare inner tube

Puncture Repair Kit

General Kit



3 x Torches



Reading Light



Good luck charms from family

First Aid Kit

World Wide Bike Ride
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