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Cycling Links

Crazy Guy On A Bike - As good of a place as any to start, a wealth of information

Bicycle Kicks - A strange one this, Simon posts on a football forum I'm a member of and we met on there. He subsequently spent a year cycling to every York City football match and wrote one of the best cycling books I've ever read about it. Thoroughly recommended.

Hospitality networks

 CouchSurfing - A favourite of mine and a great way to meet new people

Warm Showers - A cycling specific hospitality network

Other useful travel stuff 

The Lonely Planet Forum - Like a lot of Internet forums there is a lot of anger in this place for some reason, but if you have patience there is some good information too.

 Currency Conversions  - XE is the best place I know to find out the latest exchange rates

The Cyclists I've met on the road

Wherever I go I always seem to be meeting more cyclists - so a full list of the people I've met whilst travelling check out the article the articles in here.

Other people I've met on the way

Believe it or not, there are some people who travel without cycling. Indeed some people aren't even travelling and still have a website - here's a few of these people:

John Honney - A fellow QPR fan, John let me stay with him for 2 weeks in Phnom Penh. He's currently run 4 of the 5 'big' marathons and hopes to complete the set in November when he runs the New York Marathon, before then turning his attention the Marathon Des Sables.

Some good causes I've come into contact with

Wildlife At Risk, Vietnam - I stayed with animal lovers Jake and Mai in Saigon and they'd rescued some Otters who were now being looked after by Wildlife At Risk. Poachers, aided by corrupt governments are doing their best to destroy SE Asia's wildlife - it's guys like WAR who do their best to insure the endangered species stay alive. If you ever go to the Cu Chi Tunnels you can even go and pay them a visit - they're new facility is 2km further down the road and is now open to the public.

The people I read about before leaving

These are the people I used to sit and read about before I left the UK - some of their websites still work so enjoy the ones that do.

Alastair Humphreys - Probably one of the most famous cycle-tourers out there, Alastairs trip covered 60 countries and 73,000 kilometres. Has turned adventuring into a career.

Anne Mustoe - A pretty inspirational story which began well over 20 years ago, Anne was an inspirational person.

The Cycling Nomads - I met Ania and Robb when they'd just returned from Scotland, not to sure what they've been up to lately but read for yourself here.

The Hungry Cyclist - Tom Kevill Davies, cycling round the Americas in search of the Perfect Meal.

Stephen Lord - Stephen wrote this book, without which I'd probably still be sat at home. He also bought me a beer for having bought his book, so if you own a copy you can get in contact with him here to redeem your free pint.


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