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Cyclists I've Met

Over the trip I'm constantly meeting other cyclists - and here's just a few of them!  

The BiciclownYour browser may not support display of this image.Alvaro Neill – AKA The Biciclown – I met Alvaro in Krygyzstan and had the pleasure of his company until we went our separate ways in Kashgar. Starting in Spain, he’s on a 10 year ride which has already gone from Spain to South Africa via West Africa and back up East Africa through the Middle East to India where he currently is. Did I mention he also performs as a clown as he travels? So it’s just your standard sort of trip really…. 


Marie, Bruno, Me and Roi at Aktau PortYour browser may not support display of this image.Marie and Bruno – I met these guys at the Port in Aktau, Kazakhstan. Marie and her father Bruno had cycled from Thailand back towards their home in France. The thought of spending all day everyday cycling with your parents…….wow! Also in this picture is Roi – an Israeli who’d cycled the Pamirs and was headed towards Europe with an aim to settling in Munich – if any German’s out there could offer a job I’m sure he’d appreciate it!  


Jeremy Jenkins Your browser may not support display of this image.
Jeremy Jenkins – A New Yorker headed for Europe, I met Jeremy on the road in Kazakhstan. At the time of our meeting he was on his 3rd bike having already been run over twice! 




Birgit and MartinYour browser may not support display of this image.Birgit and Martin - Two of the craziest people I met, going through both Siberia and Tibet in the winter time. 




Matt and MaryYour browser may not support display of this image.Matt and Mary  - He’s English, she’s Australian. They lived in England, they’re moving to Australia. The logical way to do this? Cycle of course! I met them first in Kazakhstan and then bumped into them again in Luang Prabang 




Jung Jong Ho on the road in KazakhstanJung Jong Ho - We met in Eastern Kazakhstan, Jung from Korea is on a world tour and has by far and away the most hi-tech set up I’ve seen yet. His handlebars are home to an odometer, a mobile phone and a GPS system! (left)

Shervin Tosif – (Not pictured) I met Shervin leaving Krygyzstan – an Aussie headed for Europe 

Sabine and Uli– On an open ended tour, they’ve traveled roughly the same way as me but are headed for Australia! We met in Kashgar…. 


The Velomads posing in LaosRichard and Stani – The Velomads - We met in Oudomoxai, Laos. Another couple on an open ended world tour, Richard and Stani are the first people I’ve met to be carrying their own oven! (pic left)

Erika Baumann– I met Erika amazingly briefly in Luang Prabang – not much I know except she’s cycling from Switzerland to Indonesia (I think?!) 



Ewald and IngridYour browser may not support display of this image.Ewald and Ingrid – 71! And still cycling in Krygzystan, the last I heard they were off to India to Kayak the coastline. 71! Did I mention they’re 71 and are still doing this?! 71! 




F and J Francoise and Jean - I met J & F, a father and daugher from French-Canada in Vang Vieng on new years day and despite my best efforts I couldn't seem to get rid of them as we chased each other through Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. Having to say goodbye to these guys was one of the hardest parts of the trip.



Kyle ArcherKyle Archer- I met Kyle at a Lonely Planet meet back in London before I left. His first attempt at cycling round the world ended in Croatia after he picked a fight with a lorry, however he's currently saving up before setting off on the second attempt over the next few months. He's also the only person I've met with their own flashy  personalised picture like the one on the left.


altIvan Faure - I met Ivan trawling the streets of Ho Chi Minh as we were both looking for a bike shop. He's a Spaniard headed to Tokyo.




altMichelle - I met Michelle in Kashgar - she's dubbed herself 'The Accidental Cyclist' and is currently on her first tour in SE Asia - she actually keeps her blog up to date regularly as well so Mick, you can stop e-mailing about how out of date mine is now and start reading Michelles excellent journal instead.




David Cameron - No, not that one. David is a teacher at the International School in Hanoi and was kind enough to put me up for a few days - he's off on his bike sometime later in the year. Where? He doesn't know. What is TeamPeaceDove? Again, he's not sure, but it has something to do with bicycles - enjoy! 






Mr WangMr Wang - A real firecracker of a guy. I met Mr Wang, a 65 year old school teacher from Hubei at the Vietnam border and cycled with him for 3 days to Nanning. He was on a 3month ride from Phnom Penh to his home in Chengdu on a folding bike - he`s due in England July next year so if you see a Chinese guy on a folding bike in your area be sure to say hello.






Phil RyanPhil Ryan - Phil and his family hosted me during my stay in Tokyo. I arrived after a week of riding and the first thing he did was take me on an 11k run and get me entered in a 22km hill race - but I`ll let him off for that. With the odd bit of touring Phil`s mostly a triathlete but his blog, on the otherhand, is focused on how to make towns and cities around the world `Car free`.



David WilsonDavid Wilson - Another of the Utsukushigahara riders, David kindly put me up for a couple of days in Tokyo aswell. His blog takes a quirky look at life in Tokyo from the point of view of the average foreigner - check out the section reviewing Japanese Face Masks!




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