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Archive - Throughout Africa the homepage was kept up to date through mini posts. It seemed a shame to just throw these away, so here's the archive from Malawi back to home.

Cyclists I've Met - Part One - Everywhere I go I meet other cyclists - here are just some of the cyclists I met on the first leg of my journey from England to Japan.

Cyclists I've Met - Part Deux - Just because I changed continents didn't mean I stopped meeting cyclists - this page documents a few of the cyclists I met on the route from Alaska to Argentina.

Cyclists I've met - Part Three - Finally - it's those other brave cyclists I've met on the African continent.

The Kit List- All I took with me. The list looks so short when put like this.

The Quotes Page - When planning this trip I noticed 99% of the cyclists I was reading about had a 'quotes' page, so I thought I'd put together a few of my favourites.

The T-Shirt Of Flags - When I go to a country I like to get a little flag patch - then when I got the SOS T-shirt I came up with this idea. Follow the progress of the T-shirt of flags here.


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