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The Route


The route I took is most easily divided into three stages:

  • Home to Japan
  • Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
  • South Africa to Home

The map below gives a basic overview of the route I've taken, whilst the maps further down give a slightly more detailed route.

Riding route

So where am I now?

The journey was divided into three stages. I landed in Cape Town on the the 21st of March, 2011 and here's the route I took, which saw me leave Africa when I crossed from Egypt to Israel on the 21st of December, 2011. From here it was up to Cyprus, to Turkey and then back through Europe via the Croatian coast, arriving home on April 7th.

Africa route

For the second leg of the journey here are two maps detailing the route through the Americas. I began in Alaska on the 8th of August, 2009 and arrived in Tierra Del Fuego 29,000 kilometres later at the end February, 2011.

I crossed the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia via boat.

Map South America

The 1st leg of the journey: It began on 29th August 2008 and finished 25,998 kilometres later on the 8th of July in Tokyo, having taken in 22 countries in.

The Route - Part 1


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