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Baseball Trip

Welcome to the small page about the baseball ride.

From the 24th of March until the 30th of August this year I cycled an unbroken 10,500 mile line to every Major League Baseball ballpark, watching a game in each stadium as I went. Sadly there wasn't time to keep a blog up to date whilst on the road, but below is theroute, a couple of FAQ's and the list of games I attended.


What did I do?

I cycled 10,500 miles to every Major League ballpark, watching a game in each one as I went.

When did I do it?

I landed in Seattle on the 23rd of March and started cycling south on the 24th. I had to fly home at the end of summer to start a PGCE, so finished in Boston on the 30th of August.

That sounds like a lot of effort, did you cycle the whole way?

Yep, I can't quite believe it,  especially as one section was a twenty-nine day, 3000 mile slog from Houston to Tampa to Miami to Atlanta to St Louis to Kansas, but I managed to ride an unbroken line.

Why did I start in Seattle two weeks before the season started?

As I had timescale issue, I started in Seattle on the 24th and arrived in Oakland on the 4th of April to watch the A's take on, ironically enough, the Mariners. I then flew back to Seattle for their opening home game on the 8th, before flying back to watch the Giants on the 9th before heading south to LA and onwards. It's not ideal but the trip was going to be difficult enough timewise, so this was the only possible way to cycle and watch a game in each ballpark. I 100% blame the Mariners for this.

Who did I watch the games with?

Anyone who'd go with me! I went with friends I already knew, people who contacted me randomly, people from internet forums, friends of friends, and sometimes, on my own....but not often, though.

When are you watching my local team?

Here's the list of games I attended over the tour:

 04/04 – Oakland A’s 7 – 2 Seattle Mariners
08/04 – Seattle Mariners 3 – 0 Houston Astros
09/04 – San Francisco Giants 9 – 6 Colorado Rockies
17/04 – LA Dodgers 1 – 7 San Diego Padres
20/04 – LA Angels 10 – 0 Detroit Tigers
22/04 – San Diego 1 – 7 Milwaukee Brewers
27/04 – Arizona D-backs 3 – 2 Colorado Rockies
07/05 – Colorado Rockies 2 – 3 NY Yankees
20/05 – Texas Rangers 2 – 9 Oakland A’s
25/05 - Houston Astros 5 – 11 Oakland A’s
08/06 – Tampa Bay Rays 8 – 0 Baltimore Orioles
11/06 – Miami Marlins 5 – 4 Milwaukee Brewers
17/06 – Atlanta Braves 2 – 1 NY Mets
23/06 – St Louis Cardinals 1 – 2 Texas Rangers
26/06 – Kansas City Royals 4 – 3 Atlanta Braves
03/07 – Minnesota Twins 2 – 3 NY Yankees
08/07 – Milwaukee Brewers 5 – 4Cincinatti Reds
10/07 – Chicago Cubs 2 – 13 LA Angels
14/07 – Detroit Tigers 5 – 0 Texas Rangers
19/07 – Toronto Blue Jays 5 – 8 Tampa Bay Rays
26/07 – Cleveland Indians 11 - 8 Texas Rangers
28/07 – Chicago White Sox 2 - 4 Kansas City Royals
29/07 - Chicago Cubs 0 - 5 Milwaukee Brewers
03/08 – Cincinatti Reds 8 – 3 St Louis Cardinals
08/08 – Pittsburgh Pirates 5 – 4 Miami Marlins
14/08 – Washington Nationals 4 - 2 San Francisco Giants
16/08 – Baltimore Orioles 3 – 6 Colorado Rockies
17/08 – Baltimore Orioles 8 – 4 Colorado Rockies
20/08 – Philadephia Phillies 5 – 4 Colorado Rockies
22/08 – NY Yankees 5 – 3 Toronto Blue Jays
23/08 – NY Mets 0 – 3 Detroit Tigers
30/08 – Boston Red Sox 4 - 3 Chicago White Sox

Who is my team?

I began watching baseball in the year of the home run chase of '98 and so, for my sins, follow the Cubs. I managed to get field passes for the Cubs, which slightly made up for the beating they took both times I saw them.

Where did I sleep on the road?

I camped, youth hostelling, stayed with friends from my last trip and essentially with anyone who'd put me up! I got taken in a lot whilst on the road and people were, on the whole, welcoming.

Did I do much fitness training for the ride?

On day one I was three and a half stone heavier than when I got back from my last ride and I eat poorly. The first few weeks were not fun.

Is I wasn't blogging, where's the best place to see what I got up to?

Due to owning a tablet and not wanting to spend lots of time on computers, I wasn't blogging about the trip - however the best place to follow the ride and check out pictures is the Facebook Page: Hit for the bicycle - Matt cycles the ballparks.

And finally, will there be another book?

First up, copies of the last book are still available and hopefully, I'd like to write another one about this journey. The main issue will be time, as for the first time since 2008 I have something resembling a proper job - so it may take a few years, but it'll get there.

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