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Cyclists I've met - Part Three

Throughout my ride I always come across other cyclists - this article introduces cyclists I have met on the second part of my journey from Alaska to Argentina. To see the cyclists I met on the route from England to Japan please click here. To see the cyclists I met in the Americas, visit here.

Piur and Margrit Pius and Margrit - I met these guys randomly in Vic Falls, Zimbabwe the day before my birthday. They're a Swiss couple who've been cycling for several years and given how many times our routes have crossed if anything it's surprising we've only just met. They were in Zimbabwe when we met and from there are graduallly winding their way north.


WayneWayne Hughes - Having not met any cyclists at all for the best part of three months, just like with buses I managed to meet Wayne the same day (and at the same place) I met Margrit and Pius. He's an English who's spent the last couple of years meandering down the west coast of Africa and is currently taking his time meandering back up the other side.




RouvenRouven - The first cyclist I've met actually on the road since leaving Cape Town, Rouven is a German cyclist heading south from Nairobi (I think) down to Cape Town. We met in Eastern Zambia as I was on my way to Malawi and it was him who gave me the warning about how hard wild camping there was, he really wasn't wrong! He's also waiting to hear back from a university in Germany where he hopes to get a place, if he doesn't though he may carry on cycling.


ThomasThomas - Thomas was an Austrian cyclist I met on the road in Malawi. He was over for a short tour from Kenya to Malawi and his flight home was from Malawi on the 18th of August. The slight issue here was that mass demonstrations and a possible revolution were pencilled in to the Malawian calendar for the 17th. I'm sure it all worked out.



SiyaShovaSiyaShova-I  met these guys in Pongola, Sudan as we were both trying to make it north for the both to Egypt. We both ended up having to hitch a ride but we made it and enjoyed a few days in Aswan as well. They are Ria, Imraan and Jiten; three South Africans riding Cape to Cairo.

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